Bournemouth Exterior Cleaning Services

Case Study

The client: Ricky Bedding, Bournemouth Exterior Cleaning Services.

The business: Pressure washing and exterior cleaning.

The brief: Optimise the existing website for Google organic rankings.

Our approach:  We secured this project on the recommendation of another business in Bournemouth for whom we built a website in the Summer of 2018.  Bournemouth Exterior Cleaning Services provides pressure washing and exterior cleaning services to domestic and commercial customers in the Bournemouth area of England.  Our client wanted us to review the search engine optimisation of the website and make changes so that it was maximum ‘Google Friendly’.

We ran a SEO Audit of the site and identified a range of issues that were potentially holding back better Google rankings including setting up meta data correctly and improving the overall user experience of the pages and blog posts.

We ensured content was original and sufficient to provide a good customer experience.  We added new inbound quality links to the website pages.  We checked the site on Google search console, website grader, pingdom and other diagnostic tools.  We checked a wide range of factors against the SEO Periodic Table.