How ‘live chat’ is changing customer service | Experts in flexible packaging launch a new website | 3 reasons why you need to build SEO in at the very start of a website design project

How ‘live chat’ is changing online customer service

In our latest video to help UK businesses generate more sales online we focus on how ‘live chat’ providing a new dimension to customer service and why it could mean the difference between a sale and no sale.

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Experts in flexible packaging, Flextex, launch a new website

Webmedia has had an association with Flextex in Preston for over eight years since we first helped them with some updates and changes to their website. We were therefore delighted to be commissioned to build their new site this summer.

The site build featured a couple of interesting technical challenges the first of which was how to take an Excel spreadsheet based polythene calculator and make it work on a web page. This required the writing of bespoke php and JavaScript.

We also developed an Ajax based ‘find on this page’ search feature for this website that scans a detailed matrix of stock items and highlights the item being searched.

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3 reasons why you need to build SEO in at the very start of a website design project

1. SEO directly affects the design of a website in that the way the information on your web pages is organised has a direct impact on how the site ranks organically on Google.

2. Your website should carry one primary keyword phrase that matches what people are searching for on Google. This keyword has to be designed into the fabric of your web pages at the outset.

3. Issues such as your domain name and how your web page URLs are set up has a direct impact on your SEO success and so they need to be structured correctly at the beginning of the project.