You have lots of prospects coming to your website but they‘re failing to convert into enquiries. What’s going wrong?

You have lots of prospects coming to your website but they’re failing to convert into enquiries. What’s going wrong?

We recently did an audit for a large company that was getting lots of traffic to their website but very little of it was converting into enquiries. When we looked into it we found that the user experience on the website was poor and as a result, visitors didn’t stay long and didn’t move from casual browsers to engaged prospects.

What’s going wrong?

Most website visitors are looking for the same questions to be answered. Is this company for real? Do they do what I need at the price, quality and timescale I need? Do they have a good track record? Can I see examples of their work? Will they still be around in a year’s time? These are all classic barriers to buying. Your job is to break down the barriers, build trust and make those website visitors pick up the phone to you rather than your competitor.

Where do I start?

In order to measure progress you have to benchmark. That means understand how many people are going to your website this week, where are they from, how long do they stay, what do they look at, are they on mobile or laptop, etc. Once you have those metrics you can start your plan to improve conversions. KISS stands for keep it simple stupid. Most of your website visitors are time poor. They don’t have the time or motivation to wade through your website narrative text looking for answers to their questions. Many websites fail because of this. A good home page is like a tasting menu, it has short, clear descriptions of what’s on offer and where you can find more detailed information.

Does your website pass?

Remember those barriers to buying we mentioned? Does your home page break them down? Is it clear what you do, quality, time, price, track record? Many fail on this too. Once you’ve turned the casual browser into engaged prospect what’s next? Well you need to give your prospect somewhere to go on their customer journey. Commonly called a ‘call to action’ this can be ‘call me back’, ‘start your free trial’ or ‘request a free quote’. You need to keep the prospect moving forward in this way. The ball needs to move from them to you for an action. Does your website do this?

Where to from here?

After 14 years in this business we have a pretty good idea what makes a good user experience on a website. We are always happy to cast an eye over your website and give you a quick assessment free of charge. Just follow our call to action below and let’s start turning more of your website visitors into enquiries.

David & Claire at Webmedia

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