1. For every quote, we will provide a parallel high sustainability alternative quote.

Beginning in 2020, every Request for Quotation submission for a non-environmentally sustainable product will be accompanied by a parallel quotation for a sustainable alternative which addresses the same need and which will contain, as a minimum, a responsibly -sourced plastic-free nonwoven in accordance with our policy on deforestation and sustainable sourcing.

2. We will ensure all palm oil materials are from RSPO certified sources.

All Palm Oil derived chemical raw materials will be sourced according to the 4 main RSPO certified supply chain routes. Mass Balance will be the default. where it is available.

3. At least one high sustainable packaging option offered on each product category.

Beginning in 2020, we will have at least one environmentally preferable packaging option available in each Of major product categories and expand that offering over time.

4. We will prioritise sustainable materials in our own brands.

We will always prioritise the use of sustainable materials in our own brands. Any plastics remaining in our branded products by the end Of 2020 will be transparently communicated on-pack.

5. We will monitor our use of chemicals of concern.

We will constantly monitor chemicals of concern and always adopt a cautious approach to this in the interests of our customers.

6. We will commit to minimizing impact on natural resources.

Our operations/plants are committed to using innovative and sensible environmental steps to minimize impact on the planet with a focus on preserving our natural resources.

7. We will provide advice and encouragement on ‘Do not flush’ labelling.

We will consistently advise and encourage customers to comply with the industry Code Of Practice on Do Not Flush labelling. In addition, we will report annually on the overall compliance levels of our customers with that Code of Practice.