Two major website trends in 2022

Let’s start with the headlines. Consumers with shorter attention spans and mobile more important than ever!

There you go, that’s it in a nutshell. Oh you want to know more?

1. Shorter attention spans

The internet is an endless ocean of data that varies from excellent to useless. More than ever, consumers are looking to validate online content very very fast and if it doesn’t pass muster then their curser is on the X and your website is toast.

The upshot is that you need to review your website and ensure:

It is crystal clear at the top of the home page what problems you solve as a business and what value you bring to your customers. This needs to be short and to the point.

Narrative blocks of text on your home page will probably not be read but they have a value for ranking your site on Google and other search engines.

Short statements and headlines are what register with humans. Consumers are looking for validation flags ie. are you real, are you competent, do you have customers, are you a scam, do you have track record, are you going to be around in 2 years time. If you pass the validation test they will go to your second tier pages and start to invest in the detailed information. Your’e on the way to getting an enquiry as, after all, your website is an enquiry generation machine.

Use images/graphics to convey meaning not just fill space ie. if you run a business offering glamping show images of the accommodation and surrounding area. Deliver validation and value visually through images or graphics.

Now take a look at your home page and see if it’s in good shape. We can advise further and update your site or even build you a new one if need’s be.

2. Is your website on mobile an afterthought?

When was the last time you looked at your business website on a mobile phone and put yourself in the shoes of a prospect who knows nothing about you, your business or your product?

Imagine their first experience of you is on a mobile phone screen. Does everything work at that small screen size? Is the contrast good and text readable?

Industry studies show that mobile devices are increasingly the first point of contact with most business websites. Some businesses are designing their websites for mobile first and laptop/desktop second.

More than ever in 2022 you need to ensure that your site is delivering on a small screen.