6 ways to get more enquiries online

1. Use Google Analytics to find out what people are looking at on your website then work on those pages to make sure they are ‘best in class’.

2. Optmise your website pages to give you the best chance of ranking organically on page 1 of Google.

3. Make sure your web pages (particularly home page) focuses on solving your customers problems not telling them how good you are.

4. Consider adding ‘live chat’ to your website to give prospects the opportunity to get instant answers to their questions.

5. Invite your website visitors to opt into your monthly e-shot.

6. Ensure phone numbers on your website are ‘click to call’ from a mobile phone.

We can help you achieve all 6 of these objectives.  Just call us on 0791 341 8215 and let’s talk about getting your business more enquiries online.