What are the BIG trends in web design this year?

What are the BIG trends in web design this year? Overall we feel this can be summed up by the phrase ‘less is more’. The trend setter brands are certainly stripping out lots of text from their websites and leading much more on big bold images or video.

This can be coupled with the rise in popularity of the website Pinterest where people ‘pin’ images that they want to share with others. This move to a more visual web plays on the fact that consumers interpret most of what they like through their eyes. Hence the more visually appealing you can make your product or service, the more likely you are to get customer engagement.

Indeed video and especially video headers are very much on a growth curve. Sites like Gestaltns.com are using a video slider on their home page to provide web visitors with an engaging and immediate insight into their film making skills. In fact any business can benefit from video headers that show quickly what the business is all about, in an interesting consumable manner.