What makes us different

Our focus is on driving more business for you

Unlike many web design and digital marketing companies we understand that you are investing your hard earned money with Webmedia because you expect a return for your business.

You want leads, enquiries and sales.

This is at the centre of everything we do, from our first conversation with you to the last crossed t and dotted i.

A unique mix

David has 25 years experience in business and understands the process by which people buy products and services. David was the lead officer with Chester City Council in 1995 for applied internet technologies and he went on to roles including Digital Policy Manager for Government Office North West. David brings this mix of business acumen and creative design skill together into a unique package.

Claire has a Bsc in computing and excels on the technical side of internet technologies. She combines over 10 years experience of web design with coding skills and a sharp technical focus that complements David’s strengths.

Hard work, affordability and a dedication to customer happiness completes this unique mix that leads customers to review us like this …

We are not an agency and we don’t charge agency prices

You won’t find plush offices, a receptionist and a coffee machine at Webmedia. You also won’t find the kind of prices that go with that kind of company.

We are honest, hard working people who just want a ‘win win’. You walk away delighted that you got a great service and we make a modest living.

It’s a philosophy that has served us well for 15 years and we have no desire to change it now.

Let’s start the conversation

Webmedia Chester Ltd

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109 Hoole Lane

t. 0791 3418215

e. contact@davidtaylorwebmedia.com

Company number 10057905

Est. 2007