The new GDPR and your business

Does your business website have any contact forms, e-commerce or links to a CRM system?

Do you send out promotional e-mailshots?

If the answer is yes then the new GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is going to affect you from May 2018.

The new GDPR comes into force in May 2018 and has a number of requirements regarding the collection and storage of personal data. In order for you to be compliant with GDPR some actions are required.

You will need to identify what elements on your website and other online marketing require explicit consent for personal data collection. You will the have to add an explicit consent opt-in where required.

You will need to add a statement to any elements on your website regarding personal data collection with a link to your Privacy Statement.

You will need to amend your Privacy Statement to be clear and accessible in how collected personal data is stored and used.

You will need to provide a means for users to request access and view the data you have collected on them and request that any data you hold about them be deleted.

What if I do nothing?

There are signifcant fines for non compliance.

What next?

Contact us here at Webmedia and we will be happy to draw up a plan to implement the necessary actions for you to comply with the GDPR. Call 0791 341 8215 or email

Further information

Further information is available about GDPR from


We are not legal experts and the information in this blog post is not legal advice. We have a vested interest in helping you comply with the GDPR, but if you need concrete legal counsel, we recommend you talk to a solicitor with the relevant knowledge.