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Getting visibility with your target audience is the first challenge any business has in order to be successful online.  Webmedia helps businesses to get that visibility and build relationships that lead to sales.

Social media

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram offer excellent opportunities for businesses to gain online visibility and build brand awareness.

We can manage an entire social media campaign for you if you wish or train your organisation in how to use social media effectively.

We deliver group courses and consultancy for individual companies. The best starting point is a conversation to establish your ambitions and how we can help.

In 2016 the UK spend on online advertising was more than £21 billion

Online advertising

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and YouTube all offer paid advertising opportunities to drive traffic, leads and enquiries.

Again Webmedia can manage the complete campaign including identifying the best keyword phrases to target, writing effective ads, creating landing pages on your website for ads to link to and managing the process on a daily basis.

We can also train your staff in how to set up and run an effective online ads campaign.

Over 30 million people log into Facebook in the UK every day

Social ads

Social ads appear on channels like Facebook and YouTube. We can advise you on what social channels might work best for your business and objectives.

We manage complete campaigns and train businesses.

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