Sell Online in 7 Days

‘Sell Online in 7 Days’ is designed to help businesses get through these difficult trading times by selling their products online.  In just 7 days we will set up your online store with a unique domain name, shipping and online payments gateway.

All for £495 no vat

This represents a cost saving of 65% on our normal prices and a time saving of 75% on what we would normally expect to get an e-commerce website up and running.

Something about us

We are David and Claire and we run Webmedia, a boutique web design company in Chester, Cheshire.  Over the past 12 years we have worked with hundreds of businesses in every industry you can think of to build professional websites that drive leads, enquiries and sales.  You’re on our website now so feel free to look around, look at our work, reviews and customers.

We are also very experienced at building e-commerce websites that allow businesses to sell their products direct online.

What you get for £495

Free Domain Name

We give you a free and unique domain name for 12 months.

Mobile Friendly

We set up your online store to work beautifully on mobile phones and tablets.

Optimised for Google

We have over 12 years experience of getting websites ranked highly on Google.

Easy Order Management

Our e-commerce software makes it easy to manage your orders.

Free Email

You can have up to 3 free email addresses attached to online store.

High Security

We use the latest security software to keep your store free from harm.

Full Content Management

We build your store on WordPress with its award winning content management system.

Hand Built

Each store is hand built by David and Claire based on 12 years commercial experience.

Here’s one we made earlier


DribbleDry is designed to be an all-in-one solution to address the common problem of dribbling! Using DribbleDry patented technology, each garment has an innovative fully integrated dribble absorbent chest area designed to absorb dribble for longer!

Our customer said …

“Thanks so much for being so quick and efficient with building the website, you’ve made it feel so easy, so impressed!!”

Hannah Clark

Order Management

The back end of our websites has a full order management system that allows you to see exactly who has placed orders and where those orders are in terms of processing.

Unlimited Products

There is no limit to the number of products you can have in your online store.  It’s easy for you to add products yourself and they can be variable where you have the same product available in several sizes and colours for example.

Taking Payments

We can advise you on the best payment gateways available so that you can take card payments on your site.  These include Paypal Business, Stripe and WorldPay all of which provide a secure, hassle free way to take online payments.

99.9% Uptime

We host our online store on state of the art servers located in UK Data Centres that guarantee 99.9% uptime so your store is available night and day.  Server performance is also high so pages load fast and give your customers a great user experience on your website.

Free Marketing Advice

Once your online store is up and running you will want to promote it through social media and other channels.  We can provide you with free advice and guidance on how to get your store in front of potential customers and how to use other channels like Google Adwords, Google Shopping and Amazon.

How it works

Preliminary discussion

We are happy to have a free preliminary discussion about your online store and answer any questions you have.

Deposit invoice

We ask for 50% deposit at the beginning of the project so that is £250.  Once this is paid we can start work on your store and we guarantee it will be ready to go live within 7 days.

Home page build

We start by setting up the technical foundation for the store and buying your agreed domain name.  Then we work on the design of the home page based on discussions we have had with you.


Once we have a basic design and content for the home page we share this with you and get your feedback.  We then revise the home page until you are really happy with it.  Once this is done we can go on to build the other pages such as product pages.  The whole process will be complete inside 7 days and you will be selling online.

What’s next?

Let’s have a conversation about your business and how we can get you selling online in 7 days.

Just contact us by phone or email or use the contact form opposite and we will be delighted to engage with you.

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