Wordpress ecommerce Chester

At Webmedia we specialise in WordPress ecommerce Chester by building ecommerce websites on the WordPress platform. We use the Woocommerce plugin which is designed to work seamlessly with WordPress and provide full ecommerce functions in the front and back end of the website.

Front end includes product sliders, grids and other display options for products that show the product images, add to cart button and more information button. There is an Ajax based shopping cart in the browser which if hovered over shows a drop down of products that have been added to the cart, prices etc. Users can move to the checkout and payment function at any time.

In the back end of the website the administrator has full control over product display, prices can be discounted as well as full order tracking and stock control.

Woocommerce also offers the user many options and variables to customise the shoping experience and administration of the site.

Another adavnatage of WordPress ecommerce is that the woocommerce ecommerce engine can be added to using a wide variety of extensions that have been specifically designed to add functionality to the system.

These include shipping options, payment gateways, product display, coupons and discount codes, and literally hundreds of others.