6 mistakes on your website that are costing you leads, enquiries and sales

These are based on Webmedia’s 10 years experience of working with business websites.

1. Wood for the trees syndrome – Business owners are often so engrossed in the detail of their businesses that they can no longer see what it looks like to the consumer. This often results in the business owner ‘assuming’ that consumers see it in the same way they do.

2. One of the most common mistakes on business websites is that they fail to understand their target audience. If you don’t know who you are seeking to influence and what their motivations are, you will almost certainly fail to engage with them.

3. Failing to play to audience needs – Marketing is all about meeting customer needs. Often business websites reflect what the business owner wants to say, rather than what the consumer wants to hear.

4. The consumer wants more but what next? – Successful websites offer a clear ‘what next’ step to the consumer. Many business websites just leave the consumer hanging.

5. Most businesses have direct competitors so why should the consumer choose you? This is a question all to often missed by business websites.

6. Have you heard ‘people buy people’? All too often business websites give no hint of who’s behind the business, their story or personality.

If any or all of the above apply to your website you could be losing leads, enquiries and sales. Talk to us about how we can put it right.