Boost your Google ranking with cross pollination

Building your online authority is now an important aspect of getting Google to rank your website highly on its organic search results. It’s about building a reputation with Google as an expert in your business niche and showing that you consistently deliver high-value online.

One of the techniques we use at Webmedia to achieve this is levering Google’s own online resources namely the Google+ social network, YouTube, Google My Business, Google Reviews, +1 social sharing and Google Maps.

The trick is to try and cross polinate as many of these resources as possible ie. embed Google reviews on your website as well as YouTube videos from your own channel and a Google Map of your location. Posting links on the Google+ social network back to your web pages or blog posts is another example. You may also put a +1 social share button on your website content so visitors can share it on their Google+ network.

Creating this interactive web of authority using Google products gets you noticed by the leading search engine and builds your authority which leads to better organic ranking and better visibility to your target audience.

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