A response to COVID-19. Moving your business more online?

In these unpredented times of COVID-19 we have been thinking about how businesses can move more online so cashflow continues and customers get the products and services they want.

Of course many of us are working at home and using email, skype and social media to operate as best we can.

This is the time to take a good look at your online content such as your business website, social media posts and paid advertising and ensure that it is delivering the maximum value and return. For example, does the top of your home page (the first thing visitors see) play directly to solving the problems of your target audience? This is a website failure we see all the time. It’s also a good time to be working on how you can generate more sales leads online.

We are working with one customer to look at how they can live stream their exercise classes to customers. In other cases we have businesses that have been used to customers coming to them to buy products. Now we are helping them to develop a new e-commerce channel to their websites so customers can still buy and have the items delivered.

For those who provide advice or counselling services live video channels like Facebook, Whatsapp and Skype offer a useful solution or there are webinar platforms where you can be delivering to a larger audience with live interactions.

It’s not going to work for every business but it’s got to be worth considering whether you can use digital technology to continue to deliver your business. We are available to provide advice and ideas to anyone who wants to look at moving their business more online.

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